Thursday Tempo Run

Amazing how the climate has changed so quickly in the past week. Fall has definitely arrived with his morning chill. Nevertheless, it was beautiful, sunny and clear. Perfect!

My second tempo run went really well. The goal on my Runner’s World Smart Coach Plan was to run 5 miles total with 3 miles at 9:04 pace for a total time of 27:12. My goal was to NOT check my pace every minute like the last time and to just run at what felt comfortable, absorb myself in my music and hope to meet the goal. I admit, I did look once just to see if I should speed up, which happily was not the case.

tempo run

My breathing was  pretty even and I thought that I certainly wasn’t expelling as much exertion as I was climbing that hill the other night with my club. This was the motivating thought I used to push myself during those three miles. Which makes having done these nasty hills COMPLETELY WORTH IT!  I am quite pleased with my final time finishing under the goal in 25:39. Almost 2 minutes faster!

Today’s tip via my SmartCoach :
Be sure to treat “hard” workout days–hill workouts, speed and tempo runs, and long runs–with respect. Take it easy the day before, eat and sleep well the night before, and rest or cross-train the day after.

via Endomondo Running Workout.

Tomorrow is my one day off!


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