A Is For…

Ascent. Tonight’s run, for me, with the Lululemon run club was about the climb.

Altitude. We ran from 102 ft. to 1007ft. That was quite a climb right out of the gate. It took me 14m:29s. My slowest recorded mile ever. 🙂

a slow climb to the one mile marker

Andrew. Half way to the top at the first mile marker he gives me a pat on the back and says, “piece of cake!” All I could muster was a laugh in my brain. Then, in between my heavy breathing, I told him I had gotten my next blog idea during that climb, and he said, “that I’m an A–hole?”
I laughed, “not at all”… and then decided to rewrite this blog. (Andrew is the club’s fearless leader / ambassador and is NOT an a**hole! Far from it.) 

Alone. I was all alone for part of this “group” run once I chugged past Andrew. He waited for the last few gals behind me and I plunged onward. The speedier runners of the group were long gone ahead of me. This left me alone atop part of the Marin Headlands, it was dusk and the fog was doing it’s usual dance of seeping over the hillsides into Mill Valley. I didn’t mind the solitude initially. It was a quiet moment and a good opportunity to eject the metallic-tasting saliva in my mouth from my huffing and puffing while no one could see. I would never do that in front of the group unless I was desperate. (Running has made me do a few things that I tell my kids is inappropriate behavior to do in front of others. Spitting, and wiping my nose on my sleeve. How unlady-like!! But sometimes it just can’t be helped. So there.) At the fork of the road I decided to wait for them to catch up. It was getting dark and feeling a little eerie and yet tranquil at the same time.

Attitude. When the last of the group caught up to me it was all downhill and we finally ran as a group. The girls all had a great attitude even though they were in my usual spot – the caboose. This is the part I love about group runs. We discussed how mental strength is so important when running, especially on unfamiliar territory which this group always introduces me to. While making that ascent to the summit, I exclaimed in my mind, “I would never do this on my own!” I then had to dig deep to make it up that hill. I don’t like hills and I can’t understand why anyone willing does them. So I gave myself a “pep talk” as I gasped for air on the climb and repeated: This will make you faster; this will make you stronger; this will make you a better runner. Keep going.

Ashleigh. I learned that Ashleigh and her husband Frank who were part of the speedy runners are also running the Vegas Rock n’ Roll 1/2 in December. It is great to know I may see a few familiar faces. I hope we can connect.

Alexandra. The positive energy exudes from this Lulu gal. Glad to have her as a new run friend!

Athleta. Confessing to the Lululemon crew that I interviewed for the competition today.

Athleticism. Tonight I was out running 3.87 miles with the Lululemon Run Club in 48m:08s. The hills, well, they sucked, but then the rest felt great!
via Endomondo Running Workout.

Today’s tip via my SmartCoach:
Research suggests that caffeine can improve pain tolerance and help you fatigue less quickly. To get the most out of caffeine, down a cup of plain tea or coffee (not a mocha frappuccino) 30 to 60 minutes before a race or hard workout.

I usually have half of a 5 Hour Energy before a workout. Today, I forgot. I had to wonder if it would have helped on that hill. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way. I did it and I’m glad.

And lastly, Asleep. I hope to be asleep soon after I publish this post. Good night!


2 thoughts on “A Is For…

  1. Love this post (and not just because you say nice things about me)…I laughed out loud when I read the title…Love the description of the run, weather…Hills…Keeping with that theme your next post should be titled “B is for Badass” for the way you blew up that hill…Nice work…

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