It’s Not Supposed To Feel Good

Today’s workout on my Runner’s World SmartCoach plan was speedwork. Warm up; do 2×1600 in 8:35 w/800 jogs; then cool down.

I have never done speedwork before. Now I know why.  I T   W A S   H A R D !

One of the reasons I love running, is because it feels pretty good while I’m running. I feel like I could go on forever sometimes. Until today. I felt like s*#t! I couldn’t even run a half mile at the 8:35 pace, that is, until I realized I was running, well, faster than that and had been reading the wrong numbers on my Endomondo tracker! I was well under an 8:00 pace, more like 7:35. That explained why I was only able to run at that pace for a quarter of a mile. My overall performance had me feeling deflated until I had figured this out.

I know it’s good to push myself, which is why I made myself do the speedwork even though my brain fought it tooth and nail. Somehow my speedwork turned into a fartlek workout (I think) since I just couldn’t run at the 8:35 pace for one mile, as hard as I tried. Therefore, I ran in increments of a quarter mile hard, then a quarter mile jog. During the “speedy” part of the run, I was always running in the 7 minute range and this left me depleted-I just couldn’t get the pace right ((sigh)). The good news is, according to my run plan, I only have to do speedwork two more times before the Vegas half. The next time I do one, I am going to try it on the treadmill so I get my pace correct. That is in four weeks-thank God. One funny note… when I was just relaxing and listening to my music and not caring about the pace, it was right there… at 8:35. Go figure.

Maybe I should leave the speedwork to the pros?  🙂

was out running 4.03 miles in 37m:25s using Endomondo.
via Endomondo Running Workout.

Today’s tip via my SmartCoach:
Be brave enough to dream big. “I’ve
always taken the philosophy that you have to dream a little in this sport. If you stay in your comfort zone, you’re not going to do anything special.”
~ American Deena Kastor, bronze medal, 2004 Olympic Marathon


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