Goodbye My Sweets

Red velvet cupcakes with frosting so dandy,
All types of cookies and dove chocolate candy,
Macchiato’s with carmel and coffee cake rings,
These are a few of my favorite things…

my all-time favorite, lemon bars (drool)

If you look inside my mouth, you will see not one, not two, but an assemblage of sweet teeth. I am not @misscookiegirl on twitter for nothing. I love sweets! If given a choice of dessert over the main course, I’d pick the dessert. YUM! My love of sweets is why I started a cookie business (although I am no longer doing it) because I love baking and eating cookies. Those pleasurable scents mixed with all that buttery flavor and melded with gooey sidekicks like chocolate and caramel, how could anyone resist an over-the-top sensory bomb? I surely can’t!

Unfortunately, all those delicious sugary calories are starting to make an unfavorable appearance on me. So, I’ve decided to give them up from now until my full marathon. Sounds pretty extreme huh? I know. I really, really know!

They say that just because you run it doesn’t mean you have license to eat whatever you want. Sadly, this is, for the most part true. Oh sure, I can eat quite a bit of food and not really gain weight. It’s all about balance and once and a while, a sweet treat is sublime. For me, with my syrupy addiction, not so great. It’s a slippery slope for me to eat them and then think I can go for another week until my next treat. That’s how I fell into a daily pattern of sugar munchies. My mind argues it’s okay because I run… right? Wrong!!

That’s why I quit. Cold turkey.

Now, I must say, it’s been about a week and a half since my last indulgence and aside from the part of my brain that thinks it’s missing all that sweet sugary goodness, I am feeling pretty good. In fact, I think I feel better than I have in a long while. I’m not as tired as I was. You are what you eat, so to speak, and I think I was feeling like a giant doughnut, heavy and glazed over by the afternoon, where I would grab… you got it, a piece of chocolate or some other goody to zap me back to life. A vicious circle.

Not only did I give up all those luscious desserts, I gave up a number of processed foods too. You know, like all the stuff found in the center of the store. Except for a few items like… Honey Nut Cheerios, Eggo whole wheat waffles and… well I am sure there is something else I’m not thinking of. The point is, I am trying to keep my diet clean.

the green power machine

On a whim, I thought I’d try something super healthy ~ a smoothie made with kale (gack!) and fruit. I can’t tolerate very many fruits or veggies, so even though that fact made me apprehensive, I decided to give it a go this morning. I simplified the recipe to fit my tastes: Kale, water, 1 banana and a few strawberries, blended together. I read (see recipe on that it helps stave off hunger and gives you energy. Who doesn’t want that? I only made a small amount not knowing if my system would tolerate the mix. And I only drank half of that glass pictured. It tastes fairly good and guess what? It did suppress my hunger!! I have had to force myself to eat all day. That is spectacular! Strangely enough I have also had a ton of energy today. I cranked out this post after all.

My goal is to be in the best shape I can for my marathon. That is in five months. I know there will be challenges. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years looming between now and then I will most likely crumble and submit to the throws of holiday indulgences as the temptations may be too great to withstand. Moderation will be the key along with the preemptive pact I have made with myself. The only person who is really going to care if I fail, is me and I don’t want to let myself down. It’s only five months right? And with any luck, I may look upon desserts by then like I would an ex boyfriend and think… what did I ever see in you?

Right. 😉

Here is another article that talks about the benefits of green smoothies:
Green Smoothies As Ultimate Health Boosters For Athletes


One thought on “Goodbye My Sweets

  1. My Aunt turned me on to Kale smoothies at Whole Foods in Novato last year. I was skeptical, too. But YUM! Love this post. I’m a sweets girl too. Give me chocolate, toffee, your cookies, over just about anything else. But it takes it’s toll on my tummy, inside and out. Keep the blog coming. I am loving it.

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