Evening Run With the Club

was out running 3.12 miles in 33m:20s using Endomondo.
via Endomondo Running Workout.

killer view ~ my house in the distance

View from the top ~ Crown Rd. with my Lululemon run club
You’ll have to run/climb there to see it – just gorgeous. Interestingly, the first mile—all uphill, was not as bad as it felt, a 10:25 minute mile. It wasn’t the planned run, but a change up from the usual loop as we went in reverse. Funny thing is, it felt so completely different and brand new doing it backwards. Surprisingly, the second mile (for me) was very slow considering it was all downhill, over 12 minutes! Going downhill, I was favoring my hip/leg which still nags me. Tomorrow I will see the doctor. At least the finish was faster than the first two miles: 9:47. Regardless, always a good time with the club.


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