Are You High?

Well… yeah. I get giddy after I run. Every time. I always wonder why more people aren’t out there running. It feels awesome! If everyone felt how I felt after a run we could banish anti-depressants forever! When I finish a run I feel like I can conquer the world. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

The only answer I can come up with is… they are not running long enough (and of course some are physically unable). For me, the runner’s high doesn’t kick in until the 4th mile. Most people I talk to who say they run, stop at around 3 miles. The first 3 miles of my runs are not all that fun and I can see why they feel like stopping. My thinking is if they can just push past those beginning 3 miles those endorphins would kick in and they’d become “hooked” like me. But I’m not sure everyone achieves that “high” when they run. Maybe I’m just lucky that I do.

The other night while driving my son home from his water polo practice he asked what a runner’s high was. He can always tell if I’ve been running because my mood is usually good. He said he didn’t get it. I told him I never understood it either until I started running. I said it’s kind of like feeling drunk (not that he would know that feeling either) but without the alcohol. It’s a natural high.

Sometimes I have to be careful after a run. Feeling like I’m intoxicated I do things equal to drunk dialing or texting. Or I write status updates on my facebook page that are probably annoying to my friends. I can’t help it. If I could bottle and sell this “feel good” potion I would make millions. Yet, it is free to anyone who runs or does some other high endurance sport.

“Running is quite addicting,” I tell my son. I say he should go running with me sometime.
(I’m always trying to get him to do a run with me, to no avail. He says, “you should try swimming.” That’s his sport and so we tango back and forth with our coaxing).

When I don’t get to run, well, I’m not especially in a good mood that day. Sometimes I feel like a crack addict who didn’t get her fix. I have been nursing an injury the past three weeks and not running at all and it has felt like I have been experiencing something equivalent to withdrawals. It has been depressing not running, but I can’t help but wonder is it the runner’s high that I am missing or am I feeling like I might not ever recover and be unable to run at all? Either way, the outcome is the same: no running — no runner’s high and that for me is depressing.

Thankfully I have resumed my running just yesterday and all is well again.


2 thoughts on “Are You High?

  1. I love the way you describe your running. It actually makes me think about trying it! LOL! Maybe I will one of these days.

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